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Welcome to Life in Motion: Where Mastery Begins

I’m Armando Hart, and I once harbored the dream of becoming the fastest person alive. My journey took me to the pinnacle of athleticism, as I qualified for the Olympic Games 1996. However, my dream came to an abrupt halt, leading to a period of deep introspection.

During this introspective journey, I learned how to move my body with greater efficiency, power, and the ability to generate unparalleled speed.

My story is not about success. It’s about what possibilities exist on the other side of “failure.”Armando

Armando’s capacity to move forward despite “failure” results in “The Hart Method” – a book, a practical system, and a coachable approach for athletes of all ages and skill levels. This system is built upon eight core maxims:

  1. Ground
  2. Gravity
  3. Integrity
  4. Joy
  5. Harmony
  6. Freedom
  7. Now
  8. Action

With the conscious embodiment of this awareness, I improved my physical performance and discovered the profound impact it could have on living a better, happier, and more connected human experience. This awareness serves as the foundation for optimum forward movement, both in sports and in life.

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