Cold Immersion and Breathwork

This practice is great for teens, young adults, and adults!

What to expect:

One-on-one guided practice in a short 30-minute power session with a focus on breathwork and cold immersion.  You will need swim trunks and a towel.  


Cold immersion triggers the neurotransmitter norepinephrine, an important chemical in the body that helps regulate attention, and focus, and increases energy while reducing stress and anxiety. 

Beyond the physical benefits:

The cold water serves as a metaphor for whatever we find uncomfortable.  We find every excuse not to get uncomfortable.  With Armando‚Äôs guidance, you will develop the mental fortitude to respond to the uncomfortable in a way that can create real change in life.  


$30 for One 30-minute power session

Recommended 4x per week.  

$100 if your pre-purchase 4 sessions to be used in one week