“Put Your Foot Down”

Reconnecting with the Power of Putting Your Foot Down:

In a world that often seems to move faster than we can keep up with, it’s easy to lose sight of our innate abilities. One such ability we often overlook is the simple yet powerful act of “putting our foot down.” This act not only reflects self-ownership but also has a grounding effect, creates personal boundaries, and even contributes to the generation of speed in athletes. At its core, this act is the awareness point of the first maxim of the Hart Method.

The Simplicity and Power of “Putting Your Foot Down”

“Putting your foot down” isn’t just about making decisions or standing up for yourself, although it encompasses these aspects. It’s a profound acknowledgment of your presence and agency in the world. It’s a declaration that you are here, you matter, and your boundaries are to be respected.

This simple act is, in essence, an expression of self-love. It’s a reminder that you deserve to be treated with respect and kindness by others and yourself. It’s a reminder to honor your own needs and well-being.

The Grounding Effect

Grounding is often associated with feeling stable, balanced, and connected with the earth. When you “put your foot down,” you are quite literally grounding yourself. It’s a physical and psychological connection to the world around you. It’s a reminder that you are firmly rooted in the present moment.

This simple act can bring us back to ourselves in a fast-paced world where we can feel overwhelmed and disconnected. It helps us regain our sense of presence and find our balance in the chaos.

Creating Personal Boundaries

Personal boundaries are essential for maintaining healthy relationships and protecting your well-being. When you “put your foot down,” you set a clear limit. You’re signaling what you will and will not tolerate and communicating your needs.

This act is an act of self-assertion and self-care. It’s about ensuring you’re treated respectfully, and your needs are acknowledged.

Speed Generation in Athletics

But “putting your foot down” isn’t just about psychological and emotional empowerment; it also has tangible benefits in sports and athletics. Forcefully striking the ground with your foot is critical to generating speed and power.

In the world of sports, speed is often the differentiator between the good and the great. Athletes who can efficiently transfer energy into the ground by “putting their foot down” propel themselves forward with greater force and speed. It’s a fundamental skill that can significantly impact an athlete’s performance.

The First Maxim of the Hart Method

This act of “putting your foot down” is not just a random occurrence; it’s the awareness point of the first maxim of the Hart Method. This maxim is the foundation of my up-and-coming “Life in Motion” online program. It’s about understanding the power of grounding, self-ownership, and personal boundaries in sports and life as a whole.

By reconnecting with this innate ability and making it a conscious practice, we can unlock a world of possibilities, from increased self-respect and personal empowerment to better athletic performance. It’s a small act with a profound impact, and it’s time we recognize and harness its potential for a better life in motion.

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Join Our Future Vision

Embrace the Vision: Transforming Athletes, Schools, and Beyond

At “Life in Motion,” we believe in a vision beyond the playing field. Our vision is to revolutionize how athletes, schools, and organizations engage with the fundamental drills that form the foundation of athletic performance. We’re here to inspire athletes and coaches to be more than just physically fit; we’re here to help them embody a higher degree of integrity, resilience, and personal power.

For Schools and Students, Imagine a world where school athletes excel in their chosen sport and emerge as individuals of unwavering integrity and resilience. Our vision includes integrating the “Life In Motion” program into school systems, empowering student-athletes to discover the profound purpose behind every movement. It’s about nurturing a generation that understands the importance of these fundamental drills, not just in sports but in life itself.

Our vision for Sports Organizations, Clubs, and Brands doesn’t stop at schools. We aim to extend the “Life In Motion” program to sports organizations, clubs, sports brands, and corporations that share our commitment to change the world through the fundamentals of movement in athletes. This is about building a community that believes in the transformative power of mindful movement, and we invite you to join us.

The Power of Connection and Grounding At the core of our vision is the belief that we’re all connected and grounded on this planet. We embrace eight principles – Ground, Gravity, Integrity, Joy, Harmony, Freedom, Action, and Now – that underpin every movement and every action we take. We aim for humanity to embody these principles daily, creating a more harmonious world.

Join Us in the Journey This is a call for action and collaboration. We’re inviting you to become part of a team that’s inspired to take action with us. Let’s work together to make a difference in sports, education, and beyond. Together, we can build a future where athletes, students, and individuals everywhere become masters of their movements, minds, and lives.

What are we looking for?

Marketing and Promotion, Program Development, Content Creation, Website Development and Maintenance, Customer Support, Administrative Tasks, Instructors/Coaches, Community Building, Technical Support, Legal and Compliance, Financial Management, Partnerships, Market Research, Evaluation and Measurement, Scaling Strategy, Social Responsibility and Inclusivity, Quality Control, Resouce Allocation, Technology Integration,

Join us on this transformative journey. Let’s create a team inspired to take action, make a change, and empower the world through the fundamentals of movement.

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Sound and Space

Yve and Armando Hart bring you “Sound and Space” at TOHA (Temple of Healing Arts.) 




SOUND vibrations are one of the most powerful healing tools we have on the planet.  

Humanity is yearning for RE-CONNECTION.   

Give yourself permission to receive.

Sound was the first sense that we developed in the womb and it’s time that we reconnect and experience a rebirth through sound.  

“Immersing myself in the sound bath experience catapulted me into a new reality where I feel empowered and clear to own and harness my gifts as a coach, trainer, and healer.  It gave me the fortitude to stand firm in my capacity as a human to reconnect with my environment in a powerful way.”

Armando Hart

Sound heals, community heals, let’s fly together!

Saturday, June 25th

8:00 pm-9:30 pm

Temple of Healing Arts

Paypal link: https://paypal.me/armandohart88?country.x=US&locale.x=en_US

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Earn Your Wings Working The Shoulders

We go deep at The Hart Method. Watch the two Youtube videos on how to take a simple shoulder workout into an applicable approach to every goal and life. Remember to go at your own pace and determine your own amount of sets, repetitions, and resistance.

I know times have been challenging and difficult for many of us.  I can relate to the challenges that we all face to get inspired, motivated, and connected. 

Like always, I remain dedicated to my work.  I have committed myself to provide you with ways and ideas to maximize results on all life levels. 

I have linked two videos to view, so you may ignite a workout routine that can make a huge difference in getting you on the right track.  Watch how a simple 5-minute shoulder routine can lead to results in many areas of your life. 

Sometimes we just need a little spark to get the fire going.  

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Go through the full range of motion.

This concept of going through the full range of motion is a part of the FREEDOM maxim of my training program, The Hart Method.  What’s happening in the world right now is a great opportunity to connect to this concept by not living in fear and reacting to the situation we may find ourselves in.  It’s easy to judge our situation and tell ourselves that we shouldn’t be going through this, but the reality is that we are. Going through the full range of motion with our responsibilities, our relationships, our work, and our emotions looks different for each and every one of us, but the opportunity is there.  I am starting small. I am starting by going through the full range of motion with the process of sleep and eating a cooked meal. Small changes can lead to huge leaps. Ask yourself, Where am I not going through the full range of motion? You can start there. Remember, that the goal is to optimize the outcome by going through the full range of motion in the moment.  


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How to stay active during “inactivity.”

Being locked down in your home has nothing to do with gaining weight or experiencing a low sense of well-being. Click below for my tips!

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Coaching Myself

Coaching Myself

The last three years have been the most difficult years of my life due to my wife getting diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. Traveling to Mexico for treatment and a lumpectomy, a year later a mastectomy, and now metastasized cancer in her bones and other parts of her body. As a family, we made the choice to put our careers to the side and focus on funding her treatments with our savings. After thousands and thousands of dollars going towards her healing, we have depleted our accounts. We have managed to keep on track with her treatments with the help of community, friends, and family. As a Man, I have struggled with this but at the same time feel a tremendous sense of gratitude. At times, I have felt out of control, powerless, and there have been numerous times where I had to swallow my pride and ask for help. I’m in the process of rebuilding and continuing with my career and the vision I have for my life while I support my wife’s process of healing. It has not been easy but we trust that we will have our needs met.

For years before her diagnosis, we were planning to sell our home and move into a bigger space where we can possibly bring in another child but my wife is not able to birth due to the medication that she is on. We decided to move forward with the sale of our home as we found a property with two homes on one lot. Because of our financial state and her health, we had no business making this move but my Father in law offered to help. It was perfect as my Father in law would live in one house and my family in the other. It was a win-win for all. Our vision is to use our home for community events and possibly adopt a child in the future. My Father in law is funding the construction of the two homes and I’m helping with the managing of the project. Thinking of the possibilities is exciting and I look forward to our new home.

What now? I have been challenged spiritually, mentally, physically, financially, and socially. There have been times where I have gone to the edge of my thoughts to the point where I thought I was losing my mind and losing touch with myself. My spiritual practice has been a savior. In my darkest times, I have found a tiny space of emptiness and that has been my doorway to my sanity. That emptiness is why I practice meditation and being present. When life gets chaotic and dark, it’s almost impossible to connect with that emptiness but the more you practice, the better chance you have of connecting with it. That empty space is who we truly are, a field of possibilities.

For this beginning part of 2020, I will be coaching myself through my own program, The Hart Method. I will be documenting my process and sharing it with you on social media. I will be sharing my journey of how the 8 maxims of The Hart Method will apply to all aspects of my life in mind, body, and spirit as I move forward toward my goals, vision, and intention. I’m excited to share, be transparent, authentic, and vulnerable. I hope that you follow my journey and that you receive some value in it for yourself as you move forward in your life. 2020, the year of moving the vision forward. Stay connected!

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A doorway to your true-self

A doorway to your true-self

Of all the chatter that goes on in your head, how do you know what voice to listen to? How do you know what voice to ignore? How do you know what voice to take action on? This past week I have struggled and I haven’t felt at my best.  A couple of weeks ago I wrote about living life out of three different zones.  The comfort zone, the danger zone, and the adventure zone.  All of these zones have a voice that speaks within our heads.  I realized that the adventure zone is my true authentic voice that has my best interest at heart but I found myself experiencing more of the comfort zone and at times going over the edge to the danger zone, self-sabotaging behavior.  This is how I was able to come out of it and in doing so, realizing something very powerful.  

First, I set a goal.  The goal was to hit a distance under a certain time on the treadmill.  I made the goal challenging intentionally because I knew that it would be a battle of voices inside my head.  During my workout, I tried to come up with every excuse possible to stop. I almost convinced myself to quit. That voice of comfort was trying to stop me.  There was an emptiness behind all the chatter in my head.  That space of emptiness gave me a sense of peace. Suddenly there was a voice coming from that emptiness and it said to take it stride by stride.  It said to keep going. That was the voice of my true self! It was the same self that set that goal from a place of not feeling at my best. 

If you want to experience your true self, set a goal.  Make it a challenging goal so you get to the edge of wanting to stop.  Remember, you want to reach that edge because that’s where you get the opportunity to make a choice of what voice you take action on.  You will realize that there is emptiness behind the negative chatter.  The chatter wants to keep you small, comfortable, and stagnant.  That emptiness is where your true self resides and speaks from. I’ve experienced where that emptiness doesn’t say anything at all but just it’s presence gives me a sense of peace and harmony.  It speaks without speaking sometimes.  

I recommend that you set a challenge for yourself daily, weekly, and monthly.  The more that you experience your true self, the deeper your relationship to it becomes.  You will begin to identify with it. Eventually, you will embody this emptiness making you feel whole and complete.  The more you nurture this relationship, the better life will be. This doesn’t mean that everything will run perfectly.  It does mean that you will develop the capacity and awareness to make decisions from the most powerful space, your true self.  

Possible goals to set that will get you to the edge:

  1. Lose 15 pounds
  2. Exercise 30 minutes a day
  3. Meditate for 20 minutes a day
  4. Eliminate screen time and scrolling one hour before bedtime
  5. Get up one hour earlier 
  6. Eliminate fast foods
  7. Eliminate unnecessary phone scrolling and tv time 
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The Adventure Zone

The Adventure Zone

Know your zones

As I navigate through this life, I discover many things. I have experienced a great deal in the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Through it all, I have developed the capacity to become self-aware…well, for the most part. One of the most powerful things about becoming self-aware is discovering the power of making a choice.  First of all, you must understand that there lies a thought that precedes the point where we have the opportunity to make a choice. Maybe that thought comes from a goal that you have. Perhaps that thought comes from an intention or a desire to be better.  The reality is that thoughts are constant from the point we wake up to the point we go to sleep. In my last blog, I wrote about blind spots and how they affect the choices we make at the sub-conscious level. But today I want to talk about conscious choice and how a thought leads to a choice which then leads to experiencing life out of three different zones. 

Overcome your comfort

We have the power to turn a thought into a choice that may allow you to experience the magic, the goodness,  and all the possibilities that life has to offer. I call that place “The Adventure Zone.” This zone is where you navigate through life powerfully, with confidence, and with a tremendous sense of accomplishment.  How do you get into this zone? Let’s say that your goal is to lose weight and the time of the day has come to get your workout in. You are driving home from a long day at work and you are conflicted to make one of two choices.  You either choose to skip the workout, go home, get dinner, and get cozy and comfortable while splurging on neftlix. Deep inside you know what you have to choose but the choice is not an easy one. This is your opportunity! Choose to do your workout because it serves you on so many levels! Choosing to be in “The Adventure Zone” is under your control by simply choosing to go workout. The opportunity to make a  choice carries with it the capacity of putting you into one of three zones and the choice is yours. Isn’t that empowering? 

The choice is yours

If you choose to skip the workout, ask yourself why you chose to do that?  Most likely, you skipped the workout because it was uncomfortable to go through with it.  It was a comfortable choice to go home, get dinner, and watch nefflix. Unfortunately, making this choice doesn’t feel too good and we lose a sense of power and confidence.  This zone is “The Comfort Zone.” It’s the zone where nothing happens. In this zone, you are comfortable and no real change takes place. But it’s not so bad because we can still choose to propel ourselves to the “Adventure Zone” but only if you are aware of where you chose to be.  Self-Awareness is key because if you lack it, you may find yourself in “The Danger Zone.” Let’s say that after you chose to skip the workout, you took it further and decided to pull over to meet your co-workers for a drink. One drink turned to two, to three, and then you decided to splurge on those tempting buffalo wings and garlic fries.  Well, that’s “The Danger Zone.” It’s a zone of self-sabotage. It’s a place where we dig ourselves a deeper hole to climb out of. Ask yourself, why? But this zone is not a place of doom, although it can feel like that and in some cases it is.  

Make the distinction

Let’s take it a bit deeper.  It’s entirely possible that you chose to have those drinks and food because you didn’t feel good about yourself for skipping the workout.  You want to avoid experiencing life in “The Danger Zone” as it never leads to anywhere good. Although it may feel temporarily good, it’s not real. And don’t confuse “The Danger Zone” with a good time because it’s not.  It’s completely healthy and necessary to have a good time. You just have to make the distinction of when it’s a good time and when it’s “The Danger Zone.” You can still meet your co-workers for happy hour and buffalo wings without it being “The Danger Zone.”  

Awareness is key

Deepening your self-awareness is the key to understanding your choices and creating a deeper relationship with yourself to help you navigate through your life.  I encourage you to have a goal, an intention, and a vision of what you would like to accomplish and understanding the thoughts that will come. Understanding the choice you will have to make moment to moment.  And ultimately, understanding the zone you are experiencing and why. Understand this, “The Danger Zone” is an act of self-sabotage. “The Comfort Zone” is a place where no change occurs. And “The Adventure Zone” is the place of positive results.  You choose. 

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How can a  blind spot lead into a clear path?

How can a blind spot lead into a clear path?

My heart hurts

As a little boy, I would frequently tell my Mother that my heart hurt. I was afraid to go outside to play, afraid to speak to others, and scared to walk to the school bus. I lived in constant fear and anxiety even though I had a tremendous feeling of purpose for life. Because of my fears, I made choices that didn’t serve me. I would choose to play inside rather than play outside and make new friends. I would make up excuses not to attend social gatherings. Blind spots make us fall into a similar pattern where the choices that we make don’t align with the goals or vision we have for ourselves leaving us trying to navigate through a path that feels cluttered, foggy, and dark.

My wife’s diagnosis

Two summers ago, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer at exactly one month before one of my life long dreams would come true. One month after my wife’s diagnosis, my book “The Hart Method” was published. I had a plan of action and a vision to follow through on with the publishing of my book and the accomplishment of my goal. The plan was to continue training athletes, book speaking opportunities, train teams, do a book tour, and expand on my passion by sharing through online platforms. Unfortunately, that vision became foggy, unstable, and ultimately came to a stop. When we received the news of my wife’s diagnosis, we were at the beach enjoying a hot summer day with our family. Upon hearing the news, my heart sank, my feet went numb, and tears were shed. I became paralyzed.

Paralysis because of fear

For the last two years, I have been at a standstill and didn’t even know. I lost connection to my body. I didn’t feel grounded and was having a difficult time navigating through my emotions. My level of motivation, creativity, and will have been extremely low. The uncertainty of my wife’s health landed me into a dark cave for protection but hidden from the outside world to leave me with a feeling of disconnection. I was out in the world but out of my body. That blind spot I had as a little boy came back and I didn’t even know it. The choices I was making were not aligning with the vision in my heart. Like that little boy, In spite of my fears, I held a vision of hope and accomplishing great things. I knew that I would move beyond my fears, beyond my self-doubt, and beyond the chains that I put upon myself. Now as an adult, I still have those two parts to my heart. One side of pain and the other side of hope. I am committed to going out of my cave no matter how scary it may seem.

Inner knowing

I know and trust that there is support around me but I do know that ultimately it’s up to me to step out of my darkness to see the light of day. I have a Father and child inside of me. The Father in me tells the child inside of me that everything will be alright. The child inside of me trusts that it will. We all have blind spots within. Life has a way of revealing our blind spots and usually in the form of trauma for us to see, to feel, and ultimately to continue to move forward without having to go into our dark cave for protection. We can very well still be children experiencing and projecting our traumas and leaving us feeling stuck, unmotivated, and depressed. Maybe traumas aren’t meant to be eliminated. Rather, maybe traumas are there for us to acknowledge for us to develop a greater sense of compassion, awareness, and love for ourselves to clear our path through the power of vulnerability together with the courage and strength to express ourselves authentically.

8 things you can do to reveal your blind spots and clear your path

  • Reflect at the end of your day and look at the choices you made. Ask yourself if your choices served you? Why or why not?
  • Ask your peers, friends, relatives, and partners how they view you or better yet, ask those individuals that raised you how you were as a child.
  • Reconnect to your past and be open and honest about your fears, limitations, and circumstances that bring you anxiety.
  • Reflect on your own life and the major setbacks that you experienced and connect the dots to another setback later in life.
  • Quiet your mental chatter and clear the space by meditating or engaging in activities that keep your present like exercise or creating something with your own two hands.
  • Start a personal journal and write openly!
  • Express your emotions authentically to others. When someone asks you how you are doing, tell them the truth!
  • Allow yourself to feel without judgment.

Rewire, Reconnect, and Remember.

Armando Hart

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