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We are thrilled to share the launch of our brand-new initiative, “Life In Motion,” a dynamic four-week training program specifically designed to foster the growth and development of young athletes. Our goal is to reach talented high school students passionate about sports, personal growth, and life but hindered by financial constraints or challenges at home—a situation often identified by their attentive coaches or educational institutions.

Under our “Life In Motion” initiative, we proudly offer 10 full scholarships. These scholarships will allow determined youths to refine their athletic skills without the burden of financial stress. Recipients will gain access to a comprehensive suite of resources, ensuring they have everything necessary to excel.

Each participant will embark on a transformative journey, both physically, mentally, and emotionally. The program is built around core principles such as integrity, resilience, courage, confidence, and self-awareness. These aren’t just abstract values; we have developed a unique approach that connects these essential life skills to physical activities and drills. This method reinforces the understanding that being an exceptional athlete transcends physical boundaries and embraces mental and emotional strength, discipline, and personal growth.

By integrating these tools into their daily regime, young athletes will not only see improvements in their performance. Still, they will also learn to embody these principles in every aspect of their lives, both on the field and beyond. “Life In Motion” promises to be more than just training—it’s an investment in the personal development that will shape these young individuals into leaders and role models in their communities.

Share with companies, corporations, businesses, and individuals to become sponsors and help make this opportunity possible. Your sponsorship of $400 will cover the program’s total cost for one athlete, giving them access to transformative training. Choose sponsorship at the bottom of the page. This offer is a discounted rate for sponsors and candidates. The program’s typical cost is $800.

Let’s invest in our youth’s future and support their journey to greatness together. Contact us to learn more about how you can make a difference today!


Armando is a no-nonsense coach who tells it like it is but also shows compassion and patience with his athletes. He is a great communicator and teacher and truly
motivated my son to get better.
Angie Bennett

Highly pleased with coaching and the methods employed as they are very practical and science based. Seeing very significant improvement in not only running but
motivation and dedication for our daughter.Great job Armando!
Neeraj Gupta

Armando was super friendly, knowledgeable and very professional. Made me feel welcomed and motivated and I’ve learned so much in just one session! Priceless
experience! Loved working with him and will definitely contact him again whenever I’m back in LA!
Zuzana K.

Misty May-Treanor, 2-time Olympic Gold Medalist

“After sitting out a full year from competing, I knew I needed to surround myself with the best possible training in order to come back.  I am so fortunate that Armando was able to help whip me into shape.  I had never felt faster, stronger, and leaner heading into a season.  Armando’s hard work, dedication and expertise in getting the results is second to none.”

Matt Treanor, Professional Baseball Player

“Armando has always been one of the most disciplined and hard working athletes during his career of a professional Track and field athlete.  Armando has carried over that hard work and discipline as a coach to other athletes striving to make it to the next level. He is one of those coaches who really cares about the individuals he trains and coaches and does whatever it takes to help them achieve their goals.  He also brings an enthusiasm to learning, which can only help him to be more innovative and more effective in training/coaching.”


“Training with Armando really took my knowledge and strength to the next level. Being a pro athlete I’ve had the opportunity to work with a large number of strength coaches but none of them have focused on biomechanics and the efficient movement it takes to truly get the most out of your body like Armando did. As an athlete I believe that that is what we are all trying to achieve. Armando brought a unique perspective to my training style because he had drills that I had never done before and once I learned the basics I was able to  get more out of my body than I ever could before. Probably my favorite thing about training with Armando was the way we went about my off days. Adequate rest is crucial to proper training but I had never thought of running in a pool with a float around my waist to be rest. It quickly became my favorite weekly routine because I put in good work, but at the same time my legs would get the proper about of rest. Learning the difference between rest and active rest was a huge piece of my training that I was missing. Consistency is the key to training and learning how to mange my “off” days really helped me become more efficient bio mechanically.”

Chase DeJong, Professional Baseball Player

“Our daughter Gisselle has made tremendous improvements in her speed and it has resulted in her now getting some playing time on her soccer club team.  Her confidence has gone way up and she still is improving.  Armando has done a wonderful job and it was one of the best decisions that we as parents have made for our daughter. ” The Jimenez Family

“My son Cole has made great improvements in his speed which has improved his hitting, fielding, throwing, and batting average.  We are so happy with the results!!!  Armando has done a great job with my son.” Ron Leaf

Choose your level of sponsorship:

Bronze Sponsor: $50 – Lay the foundation for a young athlete’s dreams to take flight.

Silver Sponsor: $100 – Shine bright and support the journey of a budding athlete.

Gold Sponsor: $150 – Fuel the aspirations of a rising star with your generous contribution.

Platinum Sponsor: $200 – Set the stage for greatness and help a talented athlete soar.

Diamond Sponsor: $250 – Sparkle and shine as you uplift the dreams of a promising athlete.

Elite Sponsor: $300 – Elevate the game and significantly impact a young athlete’s journey.

Champion Sponsor: $400- Spread the wings and get ready to fly.

Life In Motion Sponsor: $500 – Cover the total cost of participation for one dedicated athlete.

Double Champion Sponsor: $1000 – Double your impact and support the journey of two deserving athletes.

Triple Champion Sponsor: $1500 – Multiply your generosity and empower four athletes to reach new heights.

Program Launches May 6!

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