A doorway to your true-self

Of all the chatter that goes on in your head, how do you know what voice to listen to? How do you know what voice to ignore? How do you know what voice to take action on? This past week I have struggled and I haven’t felt at my best.  A couple of weeks ago I wrote about living life out of three different zones.  The comfort zone, the danger zone, and the adventure zone.  All of these zones have a voice that speaks within our heads.  I realized that the adventure zone is my true authentic voice that has my best interest at heart but I found myself experiencing more of the comfort zone and at times going over the edge to the danger zone, self-sabotaging behavior.  This is how I was able to come out of it and in doing so, realizing something very powerful.  

First, I set a goal.  The goal was to hit a distance under a certain time on the treadmill.  I made the goal challenging intentionally because I knew that it would be a battle of voices inside my head.  During my workout, I tried to come up with every excuse possible to stop. I almost convinced myself to quit. That voice of comfort was trying to stop me.  There was an emptiness behind all the chatter in my head.  That space of emptiness gave me a sense of peace. Suddenly there was a voice coming from that emptiness and it said to take it stride by stride.  It said to keep going. That was the voice of my true self! It was the same self that set that goal from a place of not feeling at my best. 

If you want to experience your true self, set a goal.  Make it a challenging goal so you get to the edge of wanting to stop.  Remember, you want to reach that edge because that’s where you get the opportunity to make a choice of what voice you take action on.  You will realize that there is emptiness behind the negative chatter.  The chatter wants to keep you small, comfortable, and stagnant.  That emptiness is where your true self resides and speaks from. I’ve experienced where that emptiness doesn’t say anything at all but just it’s presence gives me a sense of peace and harmony.  It speaks without speaking sometimes.  

I recommend that you set a challenge for yourself daily, weekly, and monthly.  The more that you experience your true self, the deeper your relationship to it becomes.  You will begin to identify with it. Eventually, you will embody this emptiness making you feel whole and complete.  The more you nurture this relationship, the better life will be. This doesn’t mean that everything will run perfectly.  It does mean that you will develop the capacity and awareness to make decisions from the most powerful space, your true self.  

Possible goals to set that will get you to the edge:

  1. Lose 15 pounds
  2. Exercise 30 minutes a day
  3. Meditate for 20 minutes a day
  4. Eliminate screen time and scrolling one hour before bedtime
  5. Get up one hour earlier 
  6. Eliminate fast foods
  7. Eliminate unnecessary phone scrolling and tv time 
Armando Hart

Posted by Armando Hart

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