Sound And Space

Yve and Armando Hart bring you “Sound and Space” at TOHA (Temple of Healing Arts.) 




SOUND vibrations are one of the most powerful healing tools we have on the planet.  

Humanity is yearning for RE-CONNECTION.   

Give yourself permission to receive.

Sound was the first sense that we developed in the womb and it’s time that we reconnect and experience a rebirth through sound.  

“Immersing myself in the sound bath experience catapulted me into a new reality where I feel empowered and clear to own and harness my gifts as a coach, trainer, and healer.  It gave me the fortitude to stand firm in my capacity as a human to reconnect with my environment in a powerful way.”

Armando Hart

Sound heals, community heals, let’s fly together!

Saturday, June 25th

8:00 pm-9:30 pm

Temple of Healing Arts

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