Earn Your Wings Working The Shoulders

We go deep at The Hart Method. Watch the two Youtube videos on how to take a simple shoulder workout into an applicable approach to every goal and life. Remember to go at your own pace and determine your own amount of sets, repetitions, and resistance.

I know times have been challenging and difficult for many of us.  I can relate to the challenges that we all face to get inspired, motivated, and connected. 

Like always, I remain dedicated to my work.  I have committed myself to provide you with ways and ideas to maximize results on all life levels. 

I have linked two videos to view, so you may ignite a workout routine that can make a huge difference in getting you on the right track.  Watch how a simple 5-minute shoulder routine can lead to results in many areas of your life. 

Sometimes we just need a little spark to get the fire going.  

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Posted by Armando Hart